The Committee


                                   Mrs Christina Chapman


I was raised with my Grandfather's Smooth Fox Terriers and an Uncle's Labs. My Father introduced me to GSD's at a very early age and these remained my breed until the mid 60's In the early 70's I went into Norwegian Buhunds, making up a champion and owning / breeding other CC winners. I have awarded CC's in them since 1984. I am approved to award CC's in 16 breeds across 4 groups plus the Working and Pastoral groups and BIS at CH show level. I have judged all over the UK and overseas including Russia, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine and New Zealand. I have been a speaker on many breed specific conformation and movement seminars. I have been a KC accredited trainer for Conformation and Movement, Requirements of a Dog Show Judge, Points of a Dog Assessments and Stewarding since 1999 and regular hold seminars across the UK for these. 

Currently I am Vice President for NE Working and Pastoral Breeds and North Lincs Dog Club as well as the area representative for Lincolnshire on the KC Shows Liaison Council. I have been honored to be made an Honorary Life Member of the East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club and The Norwegian Buhund Club


                                 Mrs Glenda Smith


I am the proud mother of 3 and the grandmother of 3 lovely children. I have been a dog lover all my life and became involved in the world of dog showing more than 40 years ago.In that time I have owned and shown Rottweilers, Akitas, Bullmastiffs Leonbergers and the occasional German Shepherd dog. In the past I have been a member of and served on the committee of the British Rottweiler Association and the Leonberger Club of GB,

I have imported 9 Leonbergers to help expand the gene pool in the UK, I have bred 7 champions and made up the first male Leonberger champion in the UK. I am an FCI and UK championship judge. I have judged at specialty shows in Sweden and Denmark, I have had the honor of judging the Leonberger breed 3 times at Crufts.

I give master classes and kennel club breed assessment classes on the Leonberger and will work tirelessly for the breed I love. 


Committee Member Ms June Miles


I have showing and bred dogs for 50 ( yes you read that right 50 )  years. I took out my affix in 1974 and have bred  Chinese Crested , Great Danes, Mini Wire Dachs, Leonbergers, Russian Black Terriers and Bernese Mountain Dogs all with some success. I award Challenge Certificates to 2 breeds within the working group and judge various other breeds at open show level. 

I have two wonderful children ( well that's what they tell me! ) and am blessed with 4 glorious grandchildren. I currently have at home 5 Bernese, a Russian Black Terrier, 2 Mini Wire Dachs and a scruffy Bichon who goes by the nickname of Fifty Shades !!!  I am a Kennel Club Assured Breeder of some 10 years and a Kennel Club Associate .

I have over the years served on several committees and am proud to be a part of the new club. 


                                  Mrs Pat Roe

My Affix is Parowhite. I have 3 German Shepherds and 2 Leonbergers. I am a Championship Judge for German Shepherds and Judge Leonbergers at open show level. I made up my own GSD to Champion and had numerous dogs with their stud book numbers and reserve CC’s. I was secretary to Derbyshire GSD club for over 13 years and a committee member prior. I have just started in the Leonberger breed and love their temperament. They are a fabulous breed. I am a behaviourist, trainer, examiner for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, a Master Trainer for the Guild of Dog Trainers and have wrote three courses for the Middlesex University and Guild of Dog Trainers. I have also developed Sheffield and South Yorkshire's first and only Canine Sensory Garden. This garden helps dogs develop their life skills in a safe environment where there are objects, herbs and plants that they can select to sniff and self-calm. This helps reduce stress and enables their behaviour issues to be worked on. I am a trained hydrotherapist, a Canine Bowen and Emmet therapist and I am a qualified Applied Canine Pharmacognosist having trained with Caroline Ingraham in Animal Zoopharmacognosy as a canine practitioner. I am a holistic trainer and run my own classes in Sheffield. Two of my GSD’s have appeared in a play at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. They played in “Teeth and Smiles” with Amanda Donohoe. My own Leonbergers have been lightly shown due to work commitments and have passed their Kennel Club Good Citizen award to Silver. Both Leos go swimming regularly - Harry is a true water baby, gentle swimming-no splashing!


Committee member & All Social Media - Christopher Gibbins


I have been involved in dogs for most of my life having pets as a child but when i met my partner and her family. We fell in love with the breed, We now have 4!! Our little girl loves them and they are fantastic with her too! This is a fantastic breed and we are trained in pets as therapy. We also show in our spare time we hold the affix " Taffnia"

                       Sally -Anne Sandalls 

I have been in Leos now for over 20 years and in that time I have, been very active in all things Leo.

I was an active member of LCGB committee for a number of years and also help setup the Health committee, and worked in the background of welfare.

  • Waterworks , with Seals (Leo link) and Leo club GB (wet Leos )

  • Carting, with Seals (Leo Link) and Leo Club GB (wet Leos)

Both of the above type of working activities I have also competed in the tests, taking more than a few of my Leos regularly.

  • Breeding , yes I have bread a few litters, BUT always only when I’m ready for my next addition, Always trying to maintain the health and temperament, construction and breed standard, Every litter to date I have kept at least one pup, if I can’t live with my breeding then I can’t expect Jo Public to,

  • I have also taken my own breeding to champion Show Status, plus a good many stud book numbers, not only mine but ones that have been sold on,

Committee Member :- Mrs Sharon Hurren

My affix is Shaleodust. I am also known with the Sharob affix. I first started in dogs 40 years ago with German Shepherds. I have been showing and breeding my own lines for the last 38 years..I have been on the German Shepherd Club of Suffolk's committee as a trainer for general obedience and ring craft. I trained my 3 daughters in ring-craft and they gained many top awards and now professionally handle for others. They all own and handle Leonbergers so it is very much a family affair.

My first Leonberger joined us 20 years ago and I have been hooked ever since.For most of the time as a single mum I could only have 1 Leo, although fortunately being able to show at all levels both here and in Southern Ireland. I believe I was the first person from England to win a Green Star in Ireland. I have been lucky enough to aquire more leos over the last few years. I have also owned, with my daughters, Saluki's, winning 2 CC's and 2 RCC's.

I have judged many breeds in the working hound and utility groups but have recently retired, handing the reins over to my daughters.


Committee Member: Mrs Kathy Hay

Myself and my husband have held the Wolfen affix for over 40 years. We have had success in Akita's Norwegian Buhund's and of course our beloved Leonbergers. I award CC's in Leonbergers. We have has some success in the show ring breeding 7 champions (including international and Australian), plus many other CC's RCC's and stud book qualifiers.

I hope the Leonberger Association will be a sucessful club for our beautiful breed and the people who love them.