20TH . SEPTEMBER 2018.

    It was an absolute delight to be invited to judge this clubs first open show, held in conjunction with Driffield championship dog show. The ring was good ,with in and out facilities, the committee had worked hard to secure great sponsorship of prizes so there was a really good atmosphere and I enjoyed the hospitality and judging  at this event. Thank you.

    Veteran D or B. 3, 1ABS.

  • 1ST . BURRELL, ROSSNICK QUEST FOR A STAR ShCM. This 8 year dog is masculine and retains his clean outline. Dark well set eye, equal proportion of skull to foreface with strong tapering muzzle. Well set shoulder placement and good leg to depth. Has width to loin and well filled rump and buttocks. Holds his outline on the move with positive foot placement. BVIS.

  • 2ND . SKILLING, DACFOLKE EVITA. Feminine and strong 7 year bitch. Has strength in muzzle housing well placed teeth. She is well boned with straight front legs. Has forechest and neat elbows. Her body is firm as is her topline. Good tail set and length. A touch

  • short on the leg for total balance. Long ,lively action covering the ground with ease. 


  • PUPPY.D. 3,2ABS.

  • 1ST . CHARWIN, KUMAMATATA JUST A SHOW LION FOR DEBBOLLINBY. This 9 month is raw at present, which is often the case in a large breed male. He has head of pleasing proportions with well set dark eye and clean cheeks. Width to nasal passage ending at his big nose. Quality bone and correct body proportions to fill into. Filled loin and firm back. He is a bit elastic on the move, but it

    is all there to come on.


  • JUN.D. 6.2ABS.

  • 1ST .BELL & NEWLANDS, DEBBOLLINBY KRUZ CONTROL FOR WASSERHUND. Really like the head of this chap, which is long, masculine but not heavy, good proportions with muzzle that is tapered with good nasal passage and strong jaw. Has clean neck with arch and displays elegance. Presents balance of type throughout. Solid back and loin, to slight slope to croup allowing correct tail set

    which has good length. Has angulation provides ease of extension on the move. in good order.

  • 2ND .BODLE, DEBBOLLINBY JUST KRUZIN INTO KITARIN.  I understand he is sibling to winner and lots of similar features. Very balanced typical head, which is long strong and clean. Flowing topline to slope of croup and width of bum and quarters. Good tail set and length. Firm hocks. Excellent coat. Not quite the reach of the winner, but still at a stage of development.



    POST GRAD. D.5,1ABS.
  • 1ST . BURRELL, LEOSRUS NEVER FORGET. At 2 years, just has that touch more maturity than 2nd. Lovely to find the head that is typical, of good proportions and is masculine yet clean. He has high set ear and dark eye, giving appealing expression. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, so elbows neat and he has forechest. Straight, well boned legs. Correct spring of rib leading well back to strength in loin. Width behind and muscular quarters. Grand coat in texture and condition. Goes with flowing action retaining his outline.  

  • 2ND . REPEAT. KRUZ CONTROL. Repeat. 


    LIMIT. D.5,2ABS.

  • 1ST . BURRELL &HOLLIDAY, LIONSLORD FULL HOUSE. 3 years, upstanding dog, showing masculinity and a certain elegance. Lovely head piece with oval dark eye, high ear set on clean long skull. He has balance of foreface with tapering strong muzzle. Has arch to neck, correct angulation of shoulders, therefore neat elbows. Has forechest and length to correctly sprung ribs and muscular loin.

  • Shape to underline. Well set long tail coming off slight slope to croup. Good muscle and width behind with firm hocks. He has reach, drive and positive foot placement and holds his firm outline. In lovely coat and condition. All contributing to him gaining best dog  & BIS.

  • 2ND . BANCROFT, JANTONELY PUCKER UP FLYNN. Well balanced outline and good to go over. He has a long clean head with dark eye

    and good foreface. Masculine of pleasing size and quality of bone. Presents good leg to depth and firm strong backline. Balance of angulation both ends. Has with behind and good tail set and length.


  • OPEN.D. 3.

  • 1ST FOLKES, CH. DACFOLKE OBIE ODAKOTA JW. A sound dog ,for me the best balance of head of the 3.Could have a darker eye ,but the whole dog with type balance and quality deemed his deserved place .He has strength, throughout with flowing outline and decent neck from good  lay of shoulder. Well off for bone and good feet. Mature fit body, firm in back and loin. Has power behind. Has

    full coat, good to the touch and was presented in lovely order. RES BD & RES BIS. 


  • 2ND . NIALL &ROTHERY, CH.DAVENHEATH FOREVER BLUE. JW SHCM. Strong clean muzzle, a touch full in cheeks for me .He is all male, not overdone and presented in good condition and coat. Well boned, preferred pasterns on the winner. Performed with style and has a lovely solid , gentle attitude.



  • 1ST . AMATHUS ESPECIALLY FOR YOU JOCOLDA.  This one stood out for development and polish of performance. She is just so sound with typical features. Appeals in head which is long with tapering muzzle and strong jaw. Kindly expression from her dark oval well fitting eye. Has elegance and strength of neck through well angulated forequarters with brisket and good legs and bone. Her ribs are sprung and covered to loin that has width and muscle. Good width behind, slope to croup with tail set right and of good length. In grand coat. She moves with accurate footfall and momentum. 

  • 2ND . MCLAY, DEBOLLINBY HIGHLAND STAR. Notice these two are siblings and have written, ’both new out and cheeky’, that is meant in the positive, I like babies to be a touch naughty, they have a long future ahead. This one is soundly constructed with pleasing, typical head. Its all there, to grow into. 


  • JUN. B. 2,1ABS.

  • 1ST. HURREN, DEBBOLINBY MINI CRUZ AVEC SHALEODUST. What a lovely quality bitch in full bloom. I found her so lovely to go

  • over. Has a super head and expression, with dark oval eye, high ear set on correct skull, clean cheeks, and feminine with no weakness, long strong and so balanced. Arched neck, good angulation both ends. Fit and well bodied with width and strength

  • in loin. She has width of rump, long, well set tail and firm hocks. Not finished in coat, but the texture is good. Puts it on when moving with ease of ground cover and confidence. Couldn’t get past her today, BB.

  • POST GRAD .B. 3,1ABS.

  • 1ST . WESTWOOD, LEOSRUS UNFORGETTABLE. long head ,perhaps a touch more skull and strength . Good neckline and forehand ,with straight front legs and decent feet. Needs to fill in ribs and body. Has strong loin. Decent behind. Moves with length of stride to display her virtues. 

  • 2ND MCLAY,BAVARUKI KIELAN LADYBIRD. . Well shaped and set eye. Big nose with width to bridge of nose. Nicely put together with decent make and shape. Has depth of body and neat elbows. Could have a touch more length of leg for total balance. Good coat and holds herself together on the move.

  • LIMIT,B. 5.1ABS.

  • 1ST . HURREN,  ANGEL KINGDOM CAKE CARAMEL. 3 years with very typical head, strong and feminine, with correct balance. She is well built throughout, retaining femininity. Her lines are balanced and she has a good shape. Width behind but could have a little more turn of stifle.  Out moved her competitors in this class today, with her long easy stride holding her shape.   

  • 2ND . SKILLING, DACFOLKE ODINA . Not quite the leg of winner therefore not the balance. Has decent body and well presented in good coat.


  • OPEN.B. 5.Close decisions here.

  • 1ST . RUSHBY, LEORUS PANDORA. This one fit the bill overall, although she didn’t always concentrate on the move. She has a lovely head piece with strength, length and femininity. Her dark, well placed oval eye emits a open, friendly outlook. Has adequate, arched neck and good lay of shoulder with return of upper arm, therefore her elbows are fitting well. In good body with forechest and depth .She is well boned and straight front to good feet. Her back is firm to slope of croup and tail set well. Fit and muscular. Well presented with grand coat.  .

  • 2ND . SKILLING, DACFOLKE NAAREH. I liked the head on this girl. She has plenty of bone and strength. Not just as firm in topline as winner, and pasterns a touch weaker than first. She has a good personality and moved out well with positive front action. 


  • Judge, Patsy Hollings.