Limit Show Report

             8-7 -17

Our Judge - Pat Roe

 Firstly I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge their second limit show. This was held at the East of England show ground following the championship show. I had a fantastic entry of 41. It was a lovely sunny day, a little too warm for some and we followed the Leonbergers after the championship show. Thank you to all the exhibitors for entering and a huge thank you to Glenda Smith for being my chaperone and to June Miles for stewarding for me, ensuring the ring ran smoothly.


I was a little disappointed in the preparation of some exhibits. Some coats were dirty and teeth could have had a clean. We should be presenting our dogs in the very best of conditions and should not be letting our dogs down due to laziness with grooming and bathing. There seems to be a big difference in type and confirmation. Weak backs are prevalent at the moment which is such a shame for this wonderful breed. Movement seems to be an issue - lack of soundness in some. It was a hot and long day and some really were tired and didn’t move as good as you would expect. Although the Leonberger is a ‘steady mover’, he should not be plodding with a short stride but powerful and never unnatural. As a judge I always ask handlers to show me the dog’s teeth.


The reason is not that I am scared of touching their mouth, but firstly i do not want to pass any germs from one mouth to another and also, I am of the opinion that a dog will be more relaxed to show their teeth from a handler that they are use too rather than a stranger opening it to check inside and poke around. Handlers please remember to show all THREE sides to the dog’s mouth and open it so you can see top and bottom, but close it to see the bite. There were quality dogs which were all worthy of their places.


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to go over your dogs.



1. BODLE - DEBBOLLINBY TRAVELIN LIGHT ​just short of 12 months masculine puppy. Correct bite, masculine head, gold in colour, strong neck into laid back shoulders, good moulded croup into correct tailset. Good rear angles. His movement was very puppyfied a little erratic to and fro but settled once he was gaiting around the ring.Needs to tighten up. Best puppy.

JUNIOR DOG (2) (1 ABS) 1. BELL - VECTISELEON KIAJA WOLFRIK ​15 months rich gold dog, pleasing expression,dark eye, good bone and substance, lovely condition, a little short in upper arm good laid shoulder, correct tailset, good tight feet, moved slightly close going away, steady mover. POST GRAD DOG (6) (1 ABS) 1. MEARS - EUPHROSINE BAKENRANEF ​18 months masculine gold dog lovely mask, nice eyes and expression, good head, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good angles front and rear, strong back, well moulded croup and correct tailset, good bone and feet, moved really well. Reserve dog - Well done. 2. CHAMBERLAIN - LOWEHERZ ASHRAH ROARKE​ 2 years very masculine dog. Good mask, kind eyes good expression, muzzle a little longer than 1st dog, firm backline,croup a little steep, good bone and tight feet. Sound to and fro. 3. GOODCHILD - CAROZZA SOLE SURVIVOR LIMIT DOG (6) (4ABS) 1. BROWN - DAVENHEATH FEELING LUCKY TO BRENALJAY JW ​2 ½ years masculine gold dog. Very masculine head, good mask, eyes and ear set. Strong neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and broad, good angles front and rear, firm backline, nice croup and tailset, sound in movement, good coat. My Best Dog, well done. 2. BELL - VECTISELEON DREAM MAKER SHCM ​5 years Red with black hair tips masculine dog, dark mask and eyes, very strong neck, good broad chest, nice width of bone and good tight feet. Good front angulation, slightly steep croup, steady mover but slightly close going away. OPEN DOG (2) 1. ROBERTS & KENT - AMANDALONE REGULUS ​7 years masculine deep gold dog. Lovely expression, good mask, pleasing eye. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders, correct upper arm, good depth of bone. Lovely feet, good depth of chest, moved steady and sound and firm backline. Good coat. 2. NIALL & ROTHERY - DAVENHEATH FOREVER BLUE JW SHCM - ​2 ½ years gold masculine dog, good dark mask, dark eyes, broad head, good ear set, strong neck, into well laid shoulders, firm backline, good croup and tailset, moved steady and sound, lovely featherings. PUPPY BITCH (1) 1. AHOKAS - CLEON DAPHNE FUZZMITTEN - ​10 months bitch, dark mask and eyes,feminine head. This little girl has had a bit of a growth spurt; steep in shoulder and straight in upper arm, straight backline, croup is slightly steep, light in bone and substance. Moved close going away but did everything her handler asked of her. JUNIOR BITCH (3) (2ABS) 1. RUSHBY - LEOSRUS FORGET ME NOT - ​12 months red chestnut black hair tips, very feminine bitch, very dark mask, eyes, good flowing neck into well laid shoulders, correct upper arm, good feminine bone, firm backline, nice tight feet, moved sound to and fro and once settled around the ring flowed well, with typical Leo stride.Reserve Bitch and Reserve Best in Show well done. POST GRADUATE BITCH (9) (6 ABS) 1. HURREN - ANGEL KINGDOM CAKE CARAMEL EKKOR SHALEODUST (imp Hun) 23 months gold bitch, feminine throughout good neck, firm topline, good angulation, moulded croup, good tailset, sound moving bitch, moved steady around the ring, good depth of bone and nice feet. 2. BROWN - DAVENHEATH FOXY LADY TO BRENALJAY​ 2 years gold bitch feminine kind expression, good front angulation, would prefer a little more rear angulation, steady mover, moved well around the ring. 3. COLE - QUEEN STAR SAGITTA ISLA BONITA JAMAICA SUNRISE (imp Pol) LIMIT BITCH (5) (3 ABS) 1. WESTWOODS - LEOSRUS ONE TO REMEMBER ​2 ½ years gold feminine bitch lovely head and mask, lovely ear set, good angles front and rear, firm topline, lovely croup and tailset. Moved sound away and back and steady mover around the ring. Good depth of bone and feet tight. 2. BURDETTE - CAROZZA DANCING IN THE DARK ​4 years feminine dark bitch, dark eyes, nice mask, steep upper arm, firm topline, would prefer more rear angulation, sound moving, good tight feet. Shorter in length than 1st. OPEN BITCH (6) (1ABS) 1. THOMAS & BALL - LEOSRUS THE ONE AND ONLY FROM AMATHUS ​2 ½ years very feminine gold bitch shown in excellent condition. A quality bitch which makes you look! Gorgeous happy expression, dark eyes, lovely mask, correct ear set, good neck into correct well laid shoulders and correct upper arm, good depth of chest, very firm topline which she kept on the move, excellent croup, tail set and rear angulation. Good depth of bone, tight feet, moved sound to and fro and flowed around the ring. Shown in excellent condition. Certainly the best moving dog of the day extending in the front and with good drive from the hindquarters and was so happy with plenty of energy to give on this hot long day.


My Best of Breed which was well deserved. Absolutely gorgeous! Well done. 2. FOLKES - DACFOLKE RHOSYN​ 2 ½ years quality bitch. Very feminine dark mask, rich gold bitch, lovely head, neck flows into good laid shoulders, correct angles front and rear, firm topline. Sound steady moving bitch, lovely depth of bone and tight feet. She is another lovely bitch but was just pipped on movement. 3. APPLEFORD - SHALEODUST CINNAMON GIRL


Pat Roe.